Space Clearing

Chances are you have walked into a home or office and something felt off. You could immediately feel there was energy that didn't quite belong. A space clearing is a wonderful way to uplift any area of the home or office. Whether it's a new house, seasoned house or office space, clearing will allow renewed energy to enter and stale energy to exit. This can be great for:

  • Creating happy relationships

  • Trouble sleeping in a new home

  • Removing entities or spirits


I use my intuition to examine the

energy in all areas of your

home or office. While speaking with you over

the phone or online, I will walk you through

what I am seeing, feeling and clearing from your space. Each clearing is an extensive process that may require multiple sessions. I make sure that the space I am working with is fully protected after each session. You will receive a comprehensive email of the healing that was performed and tips on how to maintain your new space!

$300- Single Session

$850- Three Sessions

Alexandra Senechal