Women's Healing

The medicine woman uses nature's wisdom to heal. She combines her knowledge of the living world and her intuition to create harmony within herself and all that is around her. She sees everything for what it is and holds no judgment, allowing all who seek her guidance to feel supported and uplifted.

A healing journey with me will help you find clarity and meaning in your life. It is our birthright as women to reveal our raw and natural beauty, but we seek comfort in hiding our true selves to avoid being rejected or hurt. Clearing all unnecessary energy with a custom healing will filter out people-pleasing behaviors and help you become aligned with your higher self.

Your custom healing session will include the following:

  • Complete energy healing

  • Alexandra's notes and full recording

  • Custom Boonbani box

    • Essential oil mist

    • Candle

    • Women's tea bath

    • Shea butter

    • Personalized Journal

  90 Minutes /   $111            Package of 3 / $333

Alexandra Senechal



Servicing Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

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