Inner Child Healing

The real you, the loving, fearless, beautiful, silly you is screaming to be free! I, along with my spirit helpers, am on a journey to help you find the child within. The jewel keeper who holds the power to unlocking your deepest desires. After reaching a deep meditative state I use clairvoyance, clairvaudience and clairsentience to read and refresh your energy systems. Each healing is performed remotely over the phone or online through Skype/Zoom and includes the following:


  • Finding the jewel keeper  (searching for little baby you) 

  • Peek to the past  (understanding patterns/behaviors/ blocks)

  • The real you (thorough examination of each energy system)

  • Unblocking  (energy healing)

  • Recovering the jewels  (soul's purpose)

  • A new journey!  (spirit animal retrieval)



















I walk you though everything I hear, see and

feel during the healing. I cherish and honor the

time I spend with each individual and want you to

feel completely safe and comfortable. A session

summary will be delivered to you via email.You will

also receive a comprehensive list of unique tools that will help renew your spirit daily.

  90 Minutes /   $120                     Package of 3 / $330

Alexandra Senechal