Birth Doula Services

Doula's are the ancient wisdom keepers of birth. We provide emotional support and physical comfort measures to the birthing person and work with your partner to create a sacred birthing space. Whether you are giving birth at home, at the hospital, or at a birth center, your doula will give you the education and guidance you need to make the most informed decisions for yourself and your baby.

As your birth doula I will provide the following to make your birth experience as joyous and magical as possible:

  • Two 90 minute prenatal visits-

    • During out initial visit, we will complete a comprehensive birth plan

    • In our second visit we will dive into your birth excitements and fears and review any childbirth related topics.

  • Early Labor, Active Labor, Pushing Support-

    • The day has arrived! Your baby is ready to greet the world. I will arrive at your house when you feel your contractions are intense and you and your partner are needing extra support.

    • Here are some things I bring with me to your birth to make it extra special:

      • Essential oils and essential oil diffuser

      • Harp (Yes, really! It's a therapy harp so anyone can play!)

      • String lights for a soothing ambience

      • Crystals

      • TENS unit

      • Massage oil

      • Bluetooth speakers so you can play your special tunes

      • Microwavable heat pack

      • Eye pillow

    • I will prepare meals for you and your partner during labor and right after the birth. It is so important to keep up your strength!

    • Don't have a birth photographer? No worries! I'll be on camera duty so you and your partner can focus on this magical day.

  • Two 60 Minute Postpartum Visits

    • Every birthing person could use a birth debrief. A sacred space where you can cry, laugh and reminisce on your birthing experience with someone who will listen without any judgement.

    • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding support.

    • Light housekeeping and meal prep.

During your pregnancy, I am available for 24/7 text and email

support. Every birthing person could benefit from the support of a doula. If you are in need of financial assistance or cannot afford my doula fee, please contact me for special pricing. I always offer payment plans or trade of services.

Price- $500

Alexandra Senechal


Servicing Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

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