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Alexandra senechal


My whole life I have been drawn to helping people. By my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to spend my life healing those who hurt, so I applied for a nursing degree. The classes were intriguing, but the more I took the more disconnected I felt from my goal. The structure of the liver, function of the kidneys, etc. were topics that led to an understanding of how to cure an ailment. But what about the conditions that had no cure? What were these people supposed to do? How could they live their day to day lives with no hope of alleviating their pain? Many of these untreatable conditions were determined at conception or neonatal development and persisted from birth until death.

My heart went out to these infants marked at birth to struggle. I wanted to learn more about them, to champion their cause, so I made the difficult decision to transfer to Cuesta Community College as a segway into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s hallmark Child Development Program. I studied all the time and passed up many evenings out, but left Cuesta with honors, transferring into my dream school. After graduating from Cal Poly SLO, my curiosity and passion for child development expanded with exciting positions in early childhood education.

Coaching parents to become effective models in their children's lives was extremely rewarding. During our initial interview with parents, one of the first questions we asked was, "How was your pregnancy?" and to follow, "how was your birth?" I never really understood why we asked these questions until I was paired with foster parent's whose foster child was exposed to drugs during pregnancy. I have seen firsthand how pregnancy and birth influences the development of young children and feel passionate that studying midwifery will help me to empower women in vulnerable communities. I am currently in my first year of midwifery apprenticeship and have been practicing as a DONA trained birth doula to help fund my midwifery journey.

Amidst a world of chaos and division, birth has the power to heal the wounds of humanity.  Our future children deserve nothing less than a peaceful transition to Earth. Spending time on thirty mile long backpacking trips and listening to mother earth has instilled in me a deep understanding of the cycles of life. I wish to awaken this knowledge within every family I serve. Never before has the time been so dire for women to come together to meet the world's challenges with courage and geniality. Studying Midwifery and practicing as a doula is my way of honoring a lineage of women who have come before me and preserving the sacred traditions of birth for future generations. 


I live with my husband and two guinea pigs in Solvang, California and serve families all around the central coast. When I'm not at a birth or at a healing session, you can find me on long backpacking trips, cooking my favorite Malaysian dishes, crocheting, and reading lots of awesome books! I am so happy you stopped by to read this. If you are thinking of working with me or have any questions about the services I offer, please contact me. We are on this journey together.





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