Alexandra Senechal

It begins in Los Angeles. My mom went into labor during the season finale of her favorite show, E.R. I weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces and, according to my parents, I looked like Mr. Magoo, the old grumpy man from the cartoons. As a child, I was incredibly independent and full of adventure. My family and I spent summers traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where my dad was born and raised. Every time I walked into my grandparent's house, I was greeted with the smell of Grandma's fresh fish curry. These treasured memories I carry will forever be part of my story.


My whole life I have been drawn to helping people. By my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to spend my life healing those who hurt, so I applied for a nursing degree. The classes were intriguing, but the more I took the more disconnected I felt from my goal. The structure of the liver, function of the kidneys, etc. were topics that led to an understanding of how to cure an ailment. But what about the conditions that had no cure? What were these people supposed to do? How could they live their day to day lives with no hope of alleviating their pain? Many of these untreatable conditions were determined at conception or neonatal development and persisted from birth until death.

My heart went out to these infants marked at birth to struggle. I wanted to learn more about them, to champion their cause, so I made the difficult decision to transfer to Cuesta Community College as a segway into Cal Poly SLO’s hallmark Child Development Program. I studied all the time and passed up many evenings out, but left Cuesta with honors, transferring into my dream school. After graduating from Cal Poly SLO, my curiosity and passion for child development expanded with exciting positions in early childhood education.

Coaching parents to become effective models in their children's lives is extremely rewarding. Giving parents confidence in their abilities is sometimes a gift that their parents never had. Often times when I meet a family for the first time I see a string of patterns and behaviors sometimes carried on for generations. Parents will say "this is how my mom did it" and "I never thought I would be like my mom or dad when I became a parent". What most parents don't realize is that by acknowledging their inner child, by giving their inner child love and nourishment and recognition it will be easier to break patterns of thinking. After years of working with parents and families, I began to develop a new skill. The ability to intuitively see each individual as the children they were and the people they want to become on a soul level.

I honored this new gift of seeing and wanted to continue building it to new levels. My intuitive guidance led me to a book in the bookstore by the expert shaman and anthropologist Alberto Villoldo. I picked up his book, Shaman Healer Sage, and flipped to the first page. When I read the words on the page I was stunned. The first words were, "Curing is the work of doctors. Healing is the work of shamans." That was the reason I switched majors from nursing to child development in the first place! I bought the book and began jumping for absolute joy when I made the decision to study energy medicine and work towards becoming a certified shaman. I allowed my intuitive guidance to lead me once again to help me find the best mentor to guide me on my new path. Within three months I was certified by the Society for Shamanic Energy Medicine.


My power animal, Boonbani, is a spunky little orangutan who visited me during my very first shamanic journey. His message to me was "you are a blessing", hence the word boon. Bani is a province in the Dominican Republic known for its spectacular bananas and we all know orangutans love their bananas! It truly is a blessing that we are here. I ask that you journey with me to unlock your soul's purpose in this lifetime. Let's get under the root of old patterns or addictions and break them. If you experienced trauma during infancy, childhood, adolescence, or adulthood and cannot seem to let go, let's mend old wounds and pave a clear path forward. I want you to heed your intuitive signs and trust that you can live a magnificent life. 





Alexandra Senechal