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Birth Doula Services

Santa Barbara

San Luis Obispo



Amidst a world of chaos and division, birth has the power to heal the wounds of humanity.  Our future children deserve nothing less than a peaceful transition to Earth. Spending time on thirty mile long backpacking trips and listening to mother earth has instilled in me a deep understanding of the cycles of life. I wish to awaken this knowledge within every family I serve. Never before has the time been so dire for women to come together to meet the world's challenges with courage and geniality. Studying midwifery and practicing as a doula is my way of honoring a lineage of women who have come before me and preserving the sacred traditions of birth for future generations. 

Doula's are the ancient wisdom keepers of birth. We provide emotional support and physical comfort measures to the birthing person and work with your partner to create a sacred birthing space. Whether you are giving birth at home, at the hospital, or at a birth center, your doula will give you the education and guidance you need to make the most informed decisions for yourself and your baby. I have completed my doula training through DONA International and am in the process of becoming DONA certified!



This all inclusive package includes the following:

  • Two 90 minute prenatal visits-

    • During our initial visit, we will complete a comprehensive birth plan

    • In our second visit we practice deep breathing and review birth bag essentials!

  • Early Labor, Active Labor, Pushing Support-

    • The day has arrived! Your baby is ready to greet the world. I will arrive at your house when you feel your contractions are intense and you and your partner are needing extra support.

    • Here are some things I bring with me to your birth to make it extra special:

      • Aqua Doula birth tub (with liner) *Rental included in fee*

      • Essential oils and essential oil diffuser

      • Harp (Yes, really! It's a therapy harp so anyone can play!)

      • String lights for a soothing ambience

      • Crystals

      • TENS unit

      • Massage oil

      • Bluetooth speakers so you can play your special tunes

      • Microwavable heat pack

      • Eye pillow

    • I will prepare meals for you and your partner during labor and right after the birth. It is so important to keep up your strength!

    • Don't have a birth photographer? No worries! I'll be on camera duty so you and your partner can focus on this magical day.

  • Two 60 Minute Postpartum Visits

    • Every birthing person could use a birth debrief. A sacred space where you can cry, laugh and reminisce on your birthing experience with someone who will listen without any judgement.

    • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding support.

    • Light housekeeping and meal prep.


During your pregnancy, I am available for 24/7 text and email

support. Every birthing person could benefit from the support of a doula. If you are in need of financial assistance or cannot afford my doula fee, please contact me for special pricing. I always offer payment plans or trade of services.



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