Medicine Woman

Energy Healer


The Jewel Keeper

Within each of us lies a beautiful gem. A skill, talent, or dream that makes us shine and spread light throughout the world. It has been with us our whole lives and little 5 year old you was living it and letting it shine. Somewhere along the journey we feel the need to place it on the shelf so our friends will accept us and our parents will be proud. Sometimes the jewel calls out saying, "pick me up, put me in your pocket", but we ignore the voice because we're afraid our friends and family will think we're silly. We sacrifice our dreams and wishes to make everyone else happy. We justify why we can't have what we want. Not enough money, lack of time, children.


I used to be this person. So afraid of rejection and disapproval that I would always say "yes". Yes to a vision that others saw in me. Deep down in my heart I knew who I truly was, a healer, but couldn't acknowledge it. After participating in a meditation course hosted by the Portland Psychic School, I realized I had been a character in a repetitive story that I carried since childhood. As I began to meditate daily and tap in to my inner child, I finally began to feel like my true self. I discarded the old story I was living and created a new vision for my life. One that would allow my beautiful, unique, and silly jewels to shine bright. I have since learned how to harness my psychic gifts to heal myself and heal others. 

Chances are you have been the character of a similar story. Stuck in a repetitive loop of thinking and living. The real you, the loving, fearless, beautiful, silly you is screaming to be free. I, along with my spirit helpers, am on a journey to help you find the child within. The jewel keeper who holds the power to unlocking your deepest desires. 

Alexandra Senechal